7 Tips to Get Over A Scary Movie

Last Updated on October 2, 2021 by Sean Donlevy

Viewing a horror movie can be entertaining as you experience the shivers and thrills. However, if you’ve just seen a frightening film and are experiencing fear and anxiety, worry not.

You can keep yourself from becoming afraid by engaging in activities such as viewing a hilarious program or listening to uplifting songs after a movie. With a bit of comfort and reassurance, you can overcome your fear and feel more relaxed. Below are seven tips to help you overcome fear when watching or after watching a scary movie;

1. Turn Off the Auditory and Visual Triggers

There’s no disgrace in covering your eyes if you are scared. People typically enjoy horror movies because they are predictable and follow a predetermined pattern that helps them predict when something terrible is about to occur, or somebody is about to perish. When dramatic music starts playing, or you notice a character going to unlock a door, you should close your eyes or cover them using your hands and don’t peek.

Similarly, some individuals are disturbed by the sound of characters suffering or screaming in movies. If you’re watching from home, mute the sound and turn on captions. Otherwise, you might want to carry headphones to the cinema for the most uncomfortable scenes. If a scene in the film truly bothers you, come up with excuses to walk out of the room. Go to the restroom or replenish your popcorn bucket.

2. Remember It’s Just a Film

If you manage to sleep but wake up terrified, reassure yourself that it’s just a nightmare and none of it is real. Then convince yourself that the fear you’re experiencing is merely from the film repeatedly until you embrace it and feel sleepy. Take deep breaths as you do this to assist you in staying calm so that you may go back to sleep. You could also try a CBD tincture to help you fall asleep. CBD is a natural sleep enhancer that can help you ward off anxiety in no time. 

3. Analyze your fear from a logical standpoint

Evaluating what you’re scared of might assist you get over terrifying movies. Question yourself if your anxiety is real or fictional; in most cases, if you’re at a cinema and experiencing this feeling, your fear isn’t natural since your safety isn’t in danger at this time.

Additionally, assess if you’re most afraid of external or internal concerns, where the former comprises thoughts such as not being likable or losing track of life. At the same time, the latter involves worries such as snakes or spiders. Ensure you reflect on why you’re afraid of the fictional film because becoming interested in it could offer you needed strength. Knowing the exact feeling you’re experiencing can be beneficial.

4. Spend Time with Family or Friends

If you watch a film with others, spend more time with them but if you watch it alone and are terrified, call a family member or friend. You are more prone to feel anxious and nervous if you are alone, whereas it is reassuring to be surrounded by other individuals, prepare a meal, have a conversation, or play games. When it’s bedtime, and you’re having trouble sleeping, it might help to sleep with someone else; request your buddy, family, or roommate to sleep together. That way, you may rest soundly assured that you are safe and not alone. This solution is for when you’re utterly terrified and nothing else appears to work. 

You can also make it a sleep party; bring additional pillows, snacks, blankets, and other things to add to the fun and help you overcome your anxieties.

5. Engage in Other Relaxing Activities

Distracting oneself is a simple approach to avoid being terrified. Ensure you switch to a different film or TV program right away, and ensure it’s about something pleasant and cheerful. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on the positive rather than being scared and anxious. You can try a motivational documentary or a comedy, pick up a book or magazine or draw.

Additionally, distract yourself by focusing on enjoyable impending activities like a date night or party. Watching a horror film leaves you in a reactionary state, and workouts can assist in reducing stress. You can also engage in a dance, jog, try jumping jacks, or engage in a pillow fight. Once you’ve done some of these things, you’ll probably feel less nervous and tense. However, avoid doing intensive workouts before going to bed because sleeping may be much more problematic.

6. Keep the Lights On

Can’t sleep with the lights off? Worry not, for we’ve all experienced it at some point. You can leave the lights on before bed to enable you to see at night and know there aren’t any ghosts or boogeymen stalking you. You could also use a fancy night light to avoid running up your electricity bills.

7. Listen to Some Relaxing Music

Music can soothe you to slumber regardless of whether you are frightened after watching a horror film. Before bed, play with some nature sounds such as waves crashing against rocks or the sound of chirping birds in the woods; you will be more relaxed to fall asleep peacefully. Bedtime music like Brahms Lullaby will help immensely, and you can listen through a sound system or headphones.


It’s normal to experience fear after watching a frightening film, thus don’t feel ashamed about it. neither you should stop yourself from having an enthralling experience of a horror flick.  The mentioned tips will come in handy and help you overcome that fear.