10 Great Horror Movies You Should Watch

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With the following movie list, we can guarantee an evening full of screams, blood and laughter. Perfect, right?

The Maze (1953)

Black and white old noir thriller that quickly takes an odd turn (ie REALLY odd) – sights if you have patience with older movies and like surprises.

The Evil Dead (2013)

A remake of the 80s classic of the same name. This version is 110% more brutal and in other words perfect to watch in group.

Event Horizon (1997)

An often underrated movie by the same director who made the first Resident Evil movie. A haunted spaceship is visited by a pleasing group of people.

Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (2001)

Yes, a cartoon. Chances are you will vaguely remember this childhood movie as a creepy fever dream, and it is just as nasty (and exciting) then as it is now. And no, you can’t show it to your cousins ​​without risking traumatizing them for life.

Dead Heat (1988)

Imagine a combo of Lethal Weapon and Beetlejuice. This is this movie.

Valentine (2001)

Also a very underrated horror movie that came along with all other similar movies during the ’90s. This one is based on a book but is actually surprisingly good.

Red, White and Blue (2010)

No fear, only tears Okay, pretty unusual movie in the horror genre. Romance, tragedy, and revenge. You will need a hug after this.

Planet terror (2006)

Simply a movie that is meant to create a party atmosphere. And quite disgusting.

Night of the Demons (1985)

A bunch of teenagers celebrates Halloween in a haunted and abandoned funeral home – but it doesn’t end as you think. A movie that was ahead of its time with amazingly good special effects and the best soundtrack.

The Unknown

Yep, one more black and white film – a silent film in addition. A circus worker falls in love with a dancer – the only problem is that she is scared of arms. So what does he do then? He goes and gets his arms professionally amputated! But when he returns after a time of convalescence, it is discovered that the dancer has already overcome her phobia and is now married to another man. I promise, it sounds weirder than it is.