How to Write a Movie Review

19 Best Romantic Comedies Worth Watching

A movie review is an overview of a movie where the person who writes makes an assessment of it. There is much in common for book and movie reviews and therefore the tips conveyed here will apply to both. One requirement that exists in a movie review is that it should contain more than just … Read more

Movie Review: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Movie

“Saaahhhllleeeyyyhhh, come and play with uuuussss!” Generally speaking, most horror films are simply aimed at a very narrow fan base or they are bad and thus the best! And then some that are just brilliant. However, the reviews about the Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark movie are mixed, and many of them are not … Read more

Gone With The Wind Movie Review (1939)

“One of the best timeless romances” How to make a review on one of the greatest film classics of all time? Almost every movie-lover has watched this movie. It really is a true classic. The problem sometimes when you sit down and watch these classic movies you’ve heard so much about is that the films … Read more

Blade Runner (1982) Movie Review

Some believe that art should suffer and the expression can hardly be more fitting than with the movie Blade Runner from 1982. Despite a production lined with quarrels, worries and tasteless authority from director Ridley Scott, the dystopian future world and cover story has high regard among film history masterpieces. For those who have no … Read more

Forrest Gump (1994) Movie Review

Given what a huge success “Forrest Gump” was when it was first presented in movie theaters in 1994 and given how many Oscars it won, one would have easily thought that Hollywood had found a new golden theme to make a movie on. In fact, it did not. The following year did not offer films … Read more

Good Will Hunting Movie Review

Not many actors have received as much crap for their overplayed, patriotic roles as Ben Affleck. A sweet hate object, a little like Uwe Boll. Almost everyone says he hates him, but he makes movies one by one and usually also with big stars. Ben Affleck’s downward career really started with the Phantoms, a year … Read more