11 Insanely Scary Movies to Watch

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Are you a fan of insanely scary horror movies and are looking for some new movies to watch? In this post, we list 11 instantly scary horror movies that will give you chills.

All movies in this list are from the last decade, hence why there are no classics in this particular list.


The “Found Film” genre broke through with The Blair Witch Project and we thank you warmly for that. The stylistic film approach has been used in the Spanish horror [REC] and leaves no untouched.

The film is about a TV team that follows two firefighters into an apartment building, and soon they find themselves trapped – and it is clear that something is wrong. IMDB Rating: 7.5.

The Conjuring

Oh, so thankful that is when there are real ghost hunters to pick stories from. Ed and Lorraine Warren were a couple who investigated supernatural phenomena in the United States during the 1970s and their notes have been used as a substance for a number of horror films since then, including The Conjuring.

The film is about the Perron family moving into a house where unexplained things begin to happen, they contact the couple Warren who soon realizes that the case they have committed will be the most dangerous so far. IMDB rating: 7.5.

The Witch

Calm, beautiful, creepy. Robert Egger’s debut film The Witch was extremely praised when it came and really deserves a chance during Halloween. For who can resist witches in the 17th century and children who suddenly disappear?

The film is about a Christian family living in the wilderness in the 17th century when the youngest child suddenly disappears and their harvest land begins to die.

Goodnight Mommy

It’s always fun with an unexpected act! Beauty surgeries aren’t the most common gripe in the horror movie genre, but they weigh that up by using the classic twin trick.

The film is about a pair of twin brothers who recently moved to a new house with their mother. She has recently undergone a beauty operation and has her face covered in a bandage, but the boys are beginning to notice that it is not just her face that seems to have undergone a change.
“Smart and original” is the opinion of the critics of Rotten Tomatoes, which also gives it, in horror film dimensions, really high ratings. The film is about a young woman who goes on a date with a charming man, but the date leaves her with something she cannot get rid of.

When it is not the house that is haunted, but even the child – what do you do? Yes, everything you can do. And that’s exactly what actor Patrick Wilson does in Insidious.

The film is about a family where one of the sons is involved in an accident and ends up in a coma. When the boy comes home from the hospital, a series of scary things begin to happen and soon they are in the worst of nightmares.


No one has escaped Bill Skarsgård’s success in the Stephen King movie What appeared at the cinemas earlier this fall? It has completely swept the carpet with everything in horror movie this year, and the young Skarsgård has been hailed for his role as the creepy clown Pennywise.

The film is about a group of vulnerable children who suddenly realize that a demonic clown has begun a vicious child hunt.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is another proof that the “found movie” genre goes hand in hand with really good horror movies. And the best thing about this scream-high-and-sit-on-full-roll is that it doesn’t have one, two or three sequels – it has five! And two spin-offs!

The movie is about a couple who start setting up cameras in their house to capture the unexplained things that happen at night. IMDb rating: 6.3.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

After all, there is something certain about watching a movie that pretends to be based on real events. It just gets a little scary. Anyone who liked the Exorcist will probably also like The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

The film is about a priest who is charged with the murder of Emily Rose who the priest believes was possessed by demons. Audio recordings from a demon expulsion are played in the courtroom and several witnesses tell us what really happened to the young woman just before her death. IMDB rating: 6.7.


What do you get when you bring the producer behind Paranormal Activity and the director behind The Exorcism of Emily Rose? A really uncomfortable home-at-home scare that gladly pops up to one’s inner eye just before bedtime. Of course, I’m talking about Sinister.

The film is about a true-crime writer who moves into a house with his family. Up in the attic, you find a box of old film reels depicting real murders. IMDb rating: 6.8.

Annabelle: Creation

The newest film in the collection is from 2017, and it is also a sequel. Annabelle: Creation is directed by the Swedish David Sandberg and he has really created a movie that makes it crawl in the body. Precursor Annabelle, just like The Conjuring, is sprung from the ghost-hunter couple Warren’s notes.

The film is about a dollmaker and his wife who receive a number of orphan girls and a nun in their home, twelve years after their own daughter tragically passed away. But soon the girls begin to be exposed to a haunted doll. IMDb rating: 6.7.