A Guide to Movie Comedies

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A Guide to Movie Comedies

Comedies are supposed to be movies that are fun to watch. That makes you feel good and make you laugh. A comedy movie that is not funny is a failed comedy movie. There are a variety of subcategories for comedy films such as action comedies typical of American feel-good films. Then there are fun games, satire games, pillars movies, romantic comedies, horror-comedies, drama-comedy, science fiction comedy films, sex comedies, screwball, comedy movie stumps, black comedy, farces, and slapsticks and more.

In its pure performance, comedies are the opposite of tragedy. If you look at comedies historically, they didn’t have to be so much fun during antiquity, but the big difference lay in its end where comedies ended happily.

Parodies are movies where you try to imitate something else that can have a serious character but through the parody, it makes it comical. Often parodies become quite so stereotypical in their descriptions of the people in the film and the plot is more for the cliché team. It’s often like making parodies of movies that are more serious in their appearance.

Slapstick comedies are the films you could already see in silent films and depict action in a more exaggerated way so that it will be comical, it is often that you put on sound effects afterward. Famous slapstick actors are Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan, Charlie Chaplin, Rowan Atkinson and more.

Screwball comedies were most popular during the 1930s and 1940s. It is often the case that there are two people who at first do not like each other at all but who could fit well together and who in the end usually fall for each other.

Romantic comedies are prepared from screwball comedies and are often about two people who fall in love but then problems arise but where the people eventually find each other again. Romantic comedies have been made since the 1920s and are the longest-lived comedy genre.

The black humor is a category in which one deals with more dramatic and more serious things such as death, war and violence and more. Provocation is an important part of black humor.

Comic timing is important when it comes to comedy and it is crucial to how to use rhythm, tempo, and pause to improve comedy and humor. How quickly one can deliver a joke can have a strong impact on its comedic effect, even changing its meaning. The same ingredient with comedies can also be the case with more physical comedy such as slapsticks.