A Guide to Movie Genres

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Films that are made are divided into different types of genres to clarify what kind of movie they are and what one will be able to expect from them.

The genre in which the different films belong is determined by several different elements regarding its action and content. The most classic are Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Documentary, Thriller, Science Fiction and Action but in addition to these, there are also a variety of sub-genres. In addition, it is also common to mix two or three genres to produce a suitable one. For example, drama-comedy or action-comedy.

There are several different approaches to explaining a genre. 1. You can choose to determine the movie genre using a standard list that has been created. 2. By comparing the film with the others in the genre to see if they have the same type of layout and elements. 3.┬áIt is based on what society and the audience’s culture thinks fit, or 4. the person standing as director of the film mixes several different genres by picking up several different elements from all of them

The latter is something that many filmmakers have been influenced by in recent years and ever since the 1980s.

Examples of the content of the most common movie genres

Action movie

Common areas that the action films touch are martial arts, superheroes, disasters of various kinds and action thrillers.


Comedies are movies that are created with the idea that anyone who sees them should be able to get a good laugh. Among other things, you can come across parodies, dads, youth films, humorous portrayals of darker acts, romantic comedies and slapsticks under the title of some comedies.


In a Drama movie, it is the emotions that should be touched more deeply. A film producer is betting that whoever sits on the reel should be included in the story. Most often, these films are about more serious topics such as illnesses, family accidents, grief, wartime, etc. You will find films here such as drama documentaries, tragedy, comedy-drama, historical drama depictions, crime drama, judicial drama, and melodrama.

Science fiction

In recent years many new movies have come out where they tried to take on the supernatural. It can be about sorcery, supernatural beings, an unnatural world beyond our own or aliens. Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Thor, Alice in Wonderland, Hobbit. The list can be made long. Older films such as StarWars have also been released in a new edition and the trend does not appear to be in the process yet. We can’t get enough of Orcs, aliens, magicians, vampires, and robots.


Somehow we also seem to have a preference for putting on a movie just to get scared. Often it is the other side with ghosts and evil spirits being filmed through haunted houses where families move in to notice that mysterious things or exorcism are about to begin.