Best 25 Horror Movies To Watch

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Horror movies nowadays are made on running bands and usually lead to disaster, but luckily we can look back on cult classics or remakes that actually did well. In this post, we share 25 of the best horror movies ever made.

1. Scream (1996)

The cult movie that revived the extinct slasher genre along with Halloween and Friday the 13th. Horror master Wes Craven brings out a lot of references and blood in this movie. We get to follow a bunch of young people in the small town of Woodsboro who are terrorized by a psychopathic killer in ghost worm who has a twisted love for horror movies. More and more people fall victim to the killer and then everyone realizes that it will be a pure carnage to reveal the killer’s identity.

The script in the film is absolutely superb. There is a kind of message about what film violence can affect one or more individuals and what consequences it can lead to. In addition to the script, there is a strong actor ensemble that makes the biggest impression on the viewer. Barrymore’s solo play in the opening scene is still incredibly nerve-wracking as it was then.

2. The Thing

3. The Exorcist

4. The Lighthouse

5. Alien (1979)

The space classic with everyone right on. The crew of the Nostromo cargo ship is on its way to Earth but intercepts an emergency signal from an unknown planet. They land there and encounter a life-threatening space monster that propagates in human hosts. Now the crew realizes that they are not only fighting for their survival but also for humanity.

Space has probably never felt as cold and wasteful as in this gem directed by Ridley Scott. The ship’s design feels as clumsy in Isolation and the old DOS interfaces are clearly recognized. Put Sigourney Weaver as the main role holder and you have a great movie.

Of course, we must not forget the xenomorph, H.R. Giger’s love child himself, his most famous creation. Death and sexuality embodied. This horror classic is something no one should miss!

7. Child’s Play (1988)

This cult film should probably be recognized by everyone. The young boy Andy wishes most of all a Good Guy doll by his mother Karen in a birthday present. She gets one for him and gets the name Chucky. But what they do not know is that the doll carries on the deceased serial killer Charles Lee Ray’s soul and soon the victims come forward and Andy stands suspicious. No one believes what he says about Chucky being the killer until it’s too late.

Nobody could ever imagine that this red-haired killer doll with braces could reach such a spread among movie lovers and horror fanatics around the world. The movie is so legendary that it has bred almost six films. But the greatness of the original will never be surpassed. The atmosphere and the talented actors contribute a lot to the excitement. In other words, Chucky’s debut continues today. Don’t fuck with the Chuck!

8. Jaws (1975)

Everyone can tune the loop if you want to make a person a permanent bath pot. A few notes that came to represent the world’s most famous predatory fish. The film takes place at Amity Island resort which is preparing for the big tourist arrival. But when a girl is found dead on the beach, torn and partially eaten, Police Chief Brody suspects that it is a shark attack. More attacks occur and Brody then sets out with shark biologist Matt Hooper and shark hunter Quint at sea to kill the three-tonne white shark that is responsible.

Spielberg is the true master when it comes to creating a really good movie. In the first few minutes, he scares us with the fact that we can’t see what is attacking the unlucky girl. Then he joins us in carnage and then in a fight against the clock to prevent the monstrous shark from harvesting new victims. The camera angles and choreography are unbeatable. John William’s legendary soundtrack contributes to discomfort but also excitement as just that. The shark is a classic that still holds today and can make anyone scared to go in the water again.

9. Jacobs Ladder (1990)

10. Susperia

11. The killing of a sacred deer

12. The Witch

13. IT (2017)

Stephen King’s mastodontics has been filmed twice now but this one is the best so far. The small town of Derry in Maine is paralyzed with fear when several children disappear or are found brutally mutilated. A group of children led by the shared power of being ostracized and failed defies the danger and finds that the killer is not human. Instead, the culprit is a monster who can take the form of one’s greatest fear and scare the young people out of their minds and for some of them into premature death. The monster usually assumes the shape of a demonic evil clown named Pennywise who, with his baggy costume and red balloons, is fooling children into destruction.

The mini-series from the 90s has left its mark on many, but it has not aged with dignity. Tim Curry’s clown looks like one who has gone astray from the children’s party. Bill Skarsgård’s drooling monster clown with cushion lip and fangs is enough to give clown phobia far ahead. Andy Muschietti’s style here is a genius. The friendship of the children is mainly put here and one really develops sympathy for them and one appeals for their survival when the clown visits them one by one. The film has a certain message to go against the fear and not look back on past events.

14. Psycho

15. The Shining

16. Exorcist 3

17. The beyond

18. Texas chainsaw massacre

19. Black Christmas (1974)

20. Deep Red

21. The Silence of the lambs

22. Tenebrae

23. The Omen

24. Seven (1995)

25. Halloween