Best Feel-Good Movies You Should Watch

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Are you looking for movies that will leave you feeling good? Here are our top picks for feel-good movies.


Intouchables which is its original title in French, is about Driss – a guy who has just been released from prison and not unexpectedly gets an unexpected friendship back out in freedom. He finds it hard to find work, and eventually takes a job as a personal assistant to the wealthy, but lonely, Philippe who became paralyzed after an air crash. The film depicts class differences, deep conversations and love from a surprising friendship combo.

Dear John

Dear John “is about the American soldier John who meets Savannah during summer vacation. Savannah and John fall in love and are inseparable during the two awkward weeks they spend together. Reality catches on quickly, and John goes on duty for a year. You follow the characters through the letters they write to each other during the time apart. It commutes between despair, missing, love and a year at a distance will soon become more. The letters sinks and life comes in between. The film takes an abrupt turn in the end and perhaps it is true that old emotions never cool down.

“Dear John” is a favorite for me and if emotions can infect then this movie is the proof – it’s hard not to be shaken! I want to give an extra plus to Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried who play the main characters, their chemistry feels genuine and fine. It’s hard not to sit and sob in the couch as a result of this movie.

La la land

La La Land ”takes place in Los Angeles and lets the music take its place. In the lead roles we find Emma Stone as Mia and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian. Mia is an actor who never quite succeeds in breaking through, and works part-time as a barista. Sebastian is a jazz pianist who dreams of opening a jazz club. Mia and Sebastian fall in love, but as one’s career takes off while the other stands still life begins to come between.

This movie is an emotional roller coaster and it’s fun to see how the movie goes from the paradise of La La Land (nickname of Hollywood) to the more real life. The film is basically a musical and it is usually how the characters’ emotions are presented. I love the music in the movie – it really adds another dimension to an already complete movie experience!


Limitless ”is set in New York with Eddie, Bradley Cooper, starring. Eddie has recently been dumped by his girl, missed a deadline for the book he would drop and ended up with the rents. In the same vein, he is introduced to NZT, a drug that is claimed to be able to increase human brain capacity. The drug works and Eddie’s performance is significantly increased as he enters the financial world. A murder and upside-down privacy later the drugs end. Eddie is desperate, how big can an air castle be?

“Limitless” is and always will be a movie that gets me started on all cylinders. The film is exciting, a bit dangerous and keeps a high pace. I stress, celebrate and cry with Eddie and never seem to get tired of seeing him make the same mistake again and again. A must see!

Safe Haven

“Safe Haven” is about Erin, a woman who escapes from her violent relationship with the small town of Southport. Here Erin starts a new life, introduces herself as Katie and cuts her hair so that her crazy ex-husband won’t find her. Katie gets a job as a waiter and slowly but surely feels that she has found a new place and affiliation. Although Katie is happy in her new life, she has a constant concern for her ex-husband and it doesn’t take too long before he reminds himself.

It may be the finest movie ever made and the dramaturgy of the film is purely perfect. The movie has a nice message.

“Little Miss Sunshine” is about a screwed-up family where every individual has a special interest. The twisted combination of a writer, one who wants to become a combat pilot and one who has just been selected for a beauty contest creates a perfect, imperfect mix. The film is based on this dysfunctional family going to a beauty contest in their yellow Volkswagen bus. Need I even say that a lot happens on the road?

“Little Miss sunshine” is the definition of a charming feelgood movie that comes in the form of a yellow Volkswagen bus. The characters are well-worked and you want to give every one of them a big hug. I commute between ash tanning and the serenity of the family – just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Billy Elliott

“Billy Elliot” is about an eleven-year-old boy named Billy. He feels great pressure from his father and lives up to the family legacy of becoming a big star in boxing, but instead feels attractiveness to the ballet. He falls helplessly for the dance and cannot imagine for his life to continue boxing. From here you have to follow Billy and his struggle to dance in a time when men “did not dance”.

Billy Elliot is one of the coziest movies in the world, one wants to adopt Billy and scream at the unauthorized society that was then. If you want a really cozy home evening then this is the role you should put on.