10 Best Feel-good Movies

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Tired, exhausted or just craving some relaxation? Calm down, there is a solution that will make you smile again.
Sit down on the couch and a feel-good movie that will put you in a good mood. A small break in the sofa in front of a really good feel-good movie can make you regain the energy and feel peppy and inspired again.
In this post, we list some of the best feel-good movies that are sure to give you a good mood.

Best feel-good movies

Little Miss Sunshine

When 7-year-old Olive is selected to take part in a California beauty pageant, the entire family packs up in their Volkswagen bus to travel across the United States, giving Olive the chance to fulfill her dream.

Amelie from Montmartre

After the shocking news that Princess Diana has died, Amelie drops a bottle in the floor. During her search, she finds a shrine filled with childhood memories, which she decides to find the owner of.

The Big Sick

Kumail already knows before he meets Emily that it is not easy to overcome ancient traditions and soaring expectations of his family. The parents’ highest wish is that he educates himself as a lawyer and marries a well-educated girl of Pakistani origin. Instead, Kumail becomes a stand-up comedian and actor.


Love can be found in the most unexpected places – such as at the giant Hampstead Heath park in London. Emily, an American widow, lives in a picturesque house on the outskirts of Hampstead Heath and Donald lives a harmonious single life in a self-built canyon a bit into the park for 17 years.

20th Century Women

The story of teenager Jamie, his mother Dorothea and the two women who help raise him in California in the late 1970s.

La La Land

Jazz pianist Sebastian and aspiring actress Mia fall in love but the more successful they become, the harder it is to keep love alive. J.K. Simmons reunites with director Damien Chazelle following the critique success of Whiplash in jazz musician La La Land.

Queen of Katwe

Phiona Mutesi is a girl who grows up in the poorest part of Kampala in Uganda. Her life is a constant struggle for survival, but it turns out that she has a completely unexpected talent for playing chess.


The French film success An unexpected friendship is based on a true story and is listed as one of the best comedies in the world. The young suburban boy Driss has just come out of prison and is hired by an event as a personal assistant to the paralyzed aristocrat Philippe.

Sing Street

In the 1980s recession-hit Dublin, Connor will have to change schools, from a safe private school to a bustling municipal school in the inner city. With his older brother as a mentor, the quirky 15-year-old starts a band.

Singing ‘In the Rain

A movie musical that takes place in 1927 when the audio film breaks through. Don is a silent Hollywood star who mostly plays romantic roles. At a party in Beverly Hills, he gets shot by Kathy, who is not impressed by him.

As a bonus tip, last but not least, we have Baywatch, featuring many different well-known actors such as Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario, amongst many others.