Top 10 Books That Turned Into Movies

Last Updated on October 2, 2021 by Sean Donlevy

For the most part, when a book is turned into a movie, the result is not quite perfect. There is always a difference between the book and the movie. And sometimes, the movie turns out even better than the book, but sometimes, the movie is a complete disaster.

Fortunately, there are several good movies based on books. Today we will go through some of these films so that you may get some inspiration for what to watch for the next movie night.

1. Harry Potter movies

Harry Potter is one of the most read book series in the world, so it’s no wonder it got a movie version. The funny thing is that these films actually turned out really well, we can’t deny that.

2. The Stephen King movies

This is not a book, but a writer, we know. However, we believe that since all the films are basically the same, everyone deserves a place on this list. If you like to be completely frightened, you can watch these films, but we advise you not to do it when you are home alone.

3. The Martian

Who doesn’t want to read about an astronaut who gets stuck in March? Then seeing it as a movie at a cinema hardly makes the experience worse. The movie actually stays pretty good for the book, clearly sights.

4. Sherlock Holmes movies

This is a long book series that has received a great many films and series. Who doesn’t like the world’s best detective? Sure there are some bad movies but most of them are actually really good, the same goes for the series.

5. The Hobbit movies

This is a fantastic book and the movies made are actually at least as good. It is hard to have missed these movies but if you have done it then you should watch them.

6. Hunger Games

This is a book series that grew and became huge in more recent times. Then some films were released and to everyone’s surprise, they were not worthless! A pleasant surprise.

7. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is not a movie but a series. If you missed this series you have missed so much. This is a tremendously good series. Definitely a must-see if you can get through all the seasons.

8. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

A little odd series but still very good. Then the movie was released and there is actually nothing wrong with it. Really good and interesting movie if you like a little odd Scifi.

9. The Golden Compass

A good book that actually became a good movie. Movies like this one are grateful for, it’s a good pastime when you have nothing better for you.

These books have become really good movies, of course, we hope you agree with our list. If you do not, please leave a comment with your own list. We would love to hear your opinions.