Don’t be Afraid of The Dark 2011 Movie Quotes

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Below, we have compiled some of the top quotes from the Movie Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark from 2010/2011.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Movie 2011 Movie Quotes

Creatures – “Will she come? Do you think she will come?”

First Creature  – “She will. You know she will”

Second Creature –  “But when? When?”

First Creature – “Very soon. It’s just a matter of time. Of waiting for a while. All we have to do is bide our time. Bide our time. [laughs]”

Creatures – “But it’s been so long. So many years. When will she come and set us free-set us free!”

First Creature – “Patience! Patience! We’ve all the time in the world. [laughs]”

Creatures – “We’ve all the time in the world. In the world. In the world. To set us free! In the world! [Maniacal laughter]”

Creatures – “[closing lines] When will they come? When will they come? When will they come and set us free?”

Sally Farnham – “Of course they will come. You know they will.”

Creatures – “But when? When? When?”

Sally Farnham – “Soon. Very soon. We’ve lots of time. Lots of time. All the time in the world.”

Creatures – “All the time in the world . Time. Time. Time to set us free again.”

Sally Farnham – “All the time in the world.”

Creatures – “To set us free. Set us free. Set us free in the world. Free. Free. Free in the world. Set us free! [Maniacal laughter]”

Sally Farnham – [on a shopping spree] Maybe Alex is right. Maybe I am losing my mind.”

Joan Kahn – “You know how a husband can tell you’ve lost your mind? [laughs and takes her arm] When you stop spending their money! So let’s go spend some more of our husbands’ money right away.”

First Creature – “Don’t hurt her!”

Second Creature “But I want to!”

Sally Hurst – “Tell me what you want!”

Creature – “We want you! *screeches”

Creature – “Old fool”

Harris – “This house is unsafe for a child”

Sally Hurst – “They don’t like bright lights, you know, those things”

Creature – “Come and join us”

Sally Hurst – “What are you?”

Creature – What are we? Hungry”

Creature – “S-A-L-L-Y!”

Kim – “Soon”

Kim “Where’s Hell Boy when you need him?”

Creature – “ Turn off the lights”

Sally – “What do you want?”

Creature – “We want you”

Sally “what are you?”

Creature – “Hungry!”

Alex – “Don’t tell me you believe this”

Sally – “I don’t like it here.”

Kim – “I’ll be right here.”

Kim – “Just because you keep denying it, does not mean it’s not happening!”

Sally “Where’s my doll?”

Kim “Why was that room sealed up?”

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