Gone With The Wind Movie Review (1939)

Last Updated on October 2, 2021 by Sean Donlevy

“One of the best timeless romances”
How to make a review on one of the greatest film classics of all time? Almost every movie-lover has watched this movie. It really is a true classic.

The problem sometimes when you sit down and watch these classic movies you’ve heard so much about is that the films do not live up to its high expectations. And it has been a long time before you see it. The fact that all the praise the film has does not have a major impact on the viewer watching. “Gone with the Wind” is truly timeless.

This is a perfect example of a movie that really doesn’t have an age stamp on it. You can sit and enjoy it today, almost 80 years later. Everything from the scenography, the story, the characters, the photo, visually feels as modern today as it did then. The acting is also really good, with a touch of theater about it, which is common for movies at the time.

Today, the film has become somewhat notorious for the treatment of slavery. Yes, there appeared to be some slaves, and they mention slavery in some sense. And the housekeepers are black. But the film is not about slavery. Nor does it go into any deeper context with how the slaves were. Yes, the American Civil War was largely about slavery. But the film’s focus is more on the families and the people who came back from the war.

The main character Scarlett is a really interesting character. Then this comes from a movie from 1939, set in the 1860s. At the time, women were mostly just there to look beautiful, or be silent. But not Scarlett. She has her own will and is strict and difficult to deal with. Which is very unusual to see in such an old movie. That’s why she really stands out and in a really positive way. This makes her incredibly interesting and fascinating. She also has a tendency to be manipulative. Had she done some rewriting, she could easily have become a Shakespeare villain.

Clark Gable, who at first did not want to make the film, is a real charm. He has the charm and charisma of Will Smith, but the appearance of George Clooney. He is the real charm role of the ’30s. Here he makes a wonderful effort, even if he may not be as interesting or complex as Scarlett in my opinion.

However, many of his dialogues are interesting, as he came off a bit like a modern troll. He also has the famous saying “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”. Which has a very big impact on the whole movie as a whole, and is the ultimate perfect ending to everything that happened. His way of delivering the replica was flawless, and no wonder it has become one of the most famous quotes.

But what makes the film so good is its history and action. It tells a very good and well-written story from beginning to end. No wonder it is considered one of the best romance films. Since it is not clumsy in that sense. It’s a more realistic take, and a more unexpected one. Especially for being 1939. The romance has its ups and downs and does not end quite as you think. Just like in real life. To be a movie that clocks in just under 4 hours, and keep me invested for so long. It is a good sign.

Finally, worth mentioning is also the scenography, the photo, and the visual. This is an incredibly beautiful and stylish movie to watch. It’s sometimes like seeing a living board come to life, they also use a lot of their light. The picture as they flee the city that is burning is special. Or when they are on the hill and it is obviously a studio, but the red light is so elegant that you do not care. Such scenes are things that will remain in my memory when I think of this movie. Maybe one of the reasons the film is remembered today.

In its entirety, Away with the Wind is a timeless classic that you will not soon forget. It’s easy with these classic movies when you see them for the first time that they don’t like. But fortunately, this is one of those that really delivers. It is a simple story that is well told and keeps one invested despite its four hours. The characters are also well written, I especially like Scarlett. That really is a person people can look up to today. Even if she is not spotless and does ugly things. But it’s the romantic bit that you can really appreciate.

They are not clumsy anywhere and do not end as you think you know. It is also sniffing at the females in grades. But it is also a very long film that does not make the coverage all that often. Therefore, it will be a very strong four, which may change in the future.

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