Movie Genres – Complete Guide

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Movie Genres

The word genre is a word that originally comes from the French and means variety. It is also exactly what the word film genres means “film sort” or “type of film”. All films released today fall under a specific genre that will then describe to the audience what it is that they can expect from what will be shown. The most common genre shelves to find in a movie store are, for example:


Movies where scripts and props have been created with the viewers watching the movie being entertained and laughing. The goal is to make a funny movie that makes the watchers laugh.


A perfect action movie is fast-paced and eventful. For the most part, weapons are involved to a great extent and many battles occur during the course of the film.


It is a bit different how a horror movie is built up, whether it is of a higher tempo or focused on a lower and more psychological horror. Some horror movies cause viewers to jump high because of sudden outcomes etc. While others give a slight discomfort. However, they usually touch on supernatural events and beings. Dead people walking again, evil spirits, exorcisms, etc.


Exciting action, you could say. The dialogues are more than in an action roll but the tension is the same. Covers like Sherlock Holmes or other police dramas are classically recurring in the genre.

Science fiction

Again, supernatural, but this time we move into space, among other things, to take on aliens or we encounter other unnatural beings of other kinds.


Like a classic novel. Slightly quieter films that mainly focus on the story itself. Most often you have to follow one or two people who suddenly come across something or go through something, usually a little more difficult as death or the like. During the course of the film, there will be an unexpected or expected, dispute which then leads the story forward and everything ends well.

Drama is often mixed with other genres such as romance or action.

Within the different genres, there are also sub-genres and types that more thoroughly indicate the content. Within the comedies, for example, it is possible to find parodies, songs, satire and pillars films. The drama rolls are often mixed with other genres such as drama comedy or action-comedy while Thrillers can be anything from dick to more psychological. As a matter of fact, there are basically hundreds of different types of divisions and it is not always the case that two people completely agree on where a movie should be put.

All films released on the market are counted as either a short or a long film and in addition, they are either audio or silent films. Regardless, they are divided into various different categories.