Movie Review Template- How to Review a Movie

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Movie review template

Want to learn how to review a movie? What should you have in mind? What should you focus on, and what should you highlight? Below you can find a movie review template that will make movie reviewing super easy!

-Write and tell in large part about the film’s action.

-Does the movie have any special themes? For example; love, hate, sadness, happiness, missing.

-What characters are in the movie? Who is the main character? Describe the main character, appearance, characteristics, personality etc. What other important characters appear in the film? Describe some of them, looks, characteristics, personalities, etc. Are there any good/bad characters in the movie? If so, what made you choose this particular character?

The environment
-Where does the movie take place? How does it look? Why do you think the filmmaker chose this particular site? Does the film change the environment?

-When does the film take place? Is it past or present? Does the film take place during a special time period? Does the film play out in chronological order or does it jump a lot back and forth?

The language
-What language do they use in the film? Do they use different languages? Is the language simple and concise or difficult and complicated? How do the people talk to each other in the movie, nice, unpleasant?

Film Technology
-Is there any “narrative voice” in the movie? How is the movie made up? It starts
exciting, sad, humorous. Are there any turning points? Are they getting more and more exciting? Is it a sad or happy ending to the movie?

-What did you think about the movie? What feelings or thoughts did the film bring to your mind? Do you think there is any special message in the film, does the filmmaker want to convey something to us viewers through the film?