8 Wedding Comedies You Must See Before Your Wedding

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Is your wedding approaching? Then it’s time to start watching a wedding comedy. The wedding will not end in disaster just because many movies about weddings do it … We promise! Check out our 8 favorite comedies about weddings here.

1. Bridesmaids

This classic should not be missed! The film is about Annie and best friend Lillian who is getting married. Annie is going to act as a bridesmaid and although she does not get along well with the other bridesmaids, she will show how far someone is willing to go for her best friend.

2. Bride Wars

This movie gave us an important lesson: Never book the same date for your wedding as your best friend. It will not end well. Just look at Emma and Liv who have been best friends all their lives and then all of a sudden their wedding crashes and instead of being besties they become each other’s biggest enemy.

3. Mama mia!

Maybe not a classic comedy, but Mamma mia still has to be present when talking about wedding films. As you probably already know, the film is about Sofie getting married, and secretly she invites the three men who could be her dad.

4. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Party brothers Mike and Dave post an ad online to find the perfect dates for their sister’s wedding in Hawaii. The brothers hoped for a wild holiday but are outnumbered by the girls who take the party to a whole new level in this comedy.

5. The big wedding

Want to laugh? Don’t miss The big wedding. A comedy about a dysfunctional family that reassembles before a wedding, and does its best to survive a weekend that seems degenerate into a full-scale family fiasco.

6. Wedding crashers

The everlasting bachelors John and Jeremy have come up with the perfect way to have girls as they plunge into wedding parties. In addition to free food and drink, there are plenty of married women who they then abandon when the night is over. But one day John meets Claire and falls in love.

7. The Wedding Ringer

How do you really get married if you have no friends? When Doug is going to choose the best, he realizes that he has no suitable candidates. Of course, the easiest way to solve such a thing is to hire a guy.

8. The Wilde wedding

It’s always fun with new wedding comedies! This one from 2017 is about a retired movie star who will be getting married for the fourth time. The wedding creates chaos as their families (and her ex-husband) turn up for the festivities.