Why We Love Horror Movies

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Why do we really expose ourselves to movies that cause the pulse to rise and sweat flow? Although horror movies are usually synonymous with fear, research shows that watching can bring us closer to our partner and be seen as a prestigious achievement.

There is hardly anything cozier than crawling up on the sofa with a cup of tea, lying under a blanket, and dreaming away with the help of a movie.

For some, an entertaining comedy is an obvious choice, while others prefer a fast-paced action reel. Then there is also a section that directly navigates to the movies under the ‘Horror’ tab to sit for two hours on full-face tension with the breath in the neck.

How come something so obviously unpleasant can be both popular and entertaining? In fact, horror movies have the ability to bring people together, at least on the couch. Furthermore, there is scientific evidence for why people become so involved in scary movies, Elle writes in an article.

Three reasons why you love horror movies:

Although it can be hard to believe, many people like the feeling of sitting on needles. According to one study, people who enjoy horror movies also tend to like intense emotions such as fear and love.

When the body perceives fear, you automatically end up in a so-called escape or defense position, which causes the brain to send signals to the rest of the body that something is dangerous going on. It causes the heart rate to increase, muscles tense, and body temperature to rise. The adrenaline kicks in, which can be perceived as a pleasurable feeling.

At the end of the movie, you feel satisfied

For some people, the enjoyment comes when the movie is over. During the course of the movie, it may feel painful, but the feeling after – when you have gone through the shaker – is unbeatable. The feeling after the horror movie is over can be so liberating and soothing that it provides increased well-being that lasts for a long time.

In addition, many have a tendency to think that horror movies are worse than they are. At the end of the film, you discover that it was not so dangerous and to clarify the film is thus regarded as a feat that makes you proud.

Watching a horror movie with a person you like can be an activity that brings you even closer to one another. A study shows that the emotions that arise when watching a horror movie together can increase the attraction between two people, making it a perfect dating activity.

If you show fear during the course of the film, you are perceived as more vulnerable, which in turn can bring two people closer together on an emotional level. In other words – don’t let fear stop you from seeing a shiver with someone you like.