9 Great Movies Worth Watching

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Are you looking for some great films to watch? Want to watch a quality entertaining movie but unsure what to watch? In this post, we have listed some great movies worth watching.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Screenplay & Directing: Martin McDonagh. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is primarily a story about Mildred, who is forced to resort to strong funds when police fail to arrest the man who raped and murdered her daughter. By using three half-finished billboards along an abandoned country road outside the city, she manages to convey a message that puts pressure on the police force and irritates large parts of the city’s residents.

This is one of the best movies from 2018. A very good story, incomparable actors and characters who never feel stereotyped. In addition, beautiful music composed by Carter Burwell is interspersed with carefully selected country songs that fit perfectly.

Private Life

In Private Life, we ​​follow Richard Grimes (Paul Giamatti) and Rachel Biegler (Kathryn Hahn), a couple of 40s, living in New York City. During their careers in literature and theater, family life has been postponed, but now they both feel it is time. But getting pregnant is harder than they thought, and they have to take all the help they can get.  The script is brilliant. Every response, every dialogue, every scene feels perfect.

It is clear that Tamara Jenkins has had a clear picture of how her movie should be told and look. She manages to create an atmosphere where everyone stands out as outstanding through her belligerent direction, tactful pace, choice of atmospheric environments and emotionally high peaks and valleys in the plot. It’s a strong movie that manages to keep its high quality consistently all the way from start to finish.

First Man

“A small step for man, but a big step for mankind!” Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong over the years leading up to his becoming the first astronaut to ever set foot on the lunar surface in 1969. Here we have to follow what determination and compromises are required to perform such a remote and deadly mission. Genre: Drama

Tomb Raider

Finally, we get to see how Lara Croft became the fearless Tomb Raider we know her as today! Actress Alicia Vikander takes on the role of the British heiress, this time in search of solving the mystery of where her father has gone. Her searcher takes her across the ocean and to an unknown island off Japan, but there she discovers that she is not the first person in the place …


Gabrielle Colette grew up in the French countryside. When she marries the prominent writer Willy, she is thrown into the aristocratic life of Paris. When the writing spasm strikes, Colette decides to give up writing and publishes books about her schoolgirl Claudine under her husband’s name. The books are an instant success, without anyone knowing who the real author is. A completely unlikely but true story of a woman struggling to get the fix she deserves while trying to navigate a male-dominated world.


Theodore is newly married and is working on writing personal letters to strangers on request. As a company develops an interface entirely driven by artificial intelligence, it gradually becomes more and more attached to Samantha, as the AI calls itself. A melancholy and very nice movie that makes us wonder where was the boundary of a consciousness actually going?

Bohemian Rhapsody

Multiple award-winning portrayals of Queen singer Freddie Mercury’s life. Here we get to see how the-now-legend goes from being an ambitious hobby singer to singing in the worst biggest rock band. Genre: Drama.

The Favourite

A multiple award-winning drama that gives, and to say the least, an odd portrayal of Queen Anne’s life in 18th-century England. When Abigail, a simple maid, shows up on the court, everything turns upside down when Lady Sarah’s place as the queen’s right hand and closest friend, is suddenly threatened. Signed Yorgos Lanthimos whose odd style can be recognized from his earlier works Hummer and Death of a Sacred Dear.

All Hobbit movies

This is actually 3 movies, but we think they are all worthy of watching. An unbelieving hobby named Bilbo Bagger faces the adventure of his life. In this trilogy, we get to follow what really happened on Bilbo’s adventures before handing over the mentioned Ring to Frodo.

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