Best 25 Horror Movies To Watch

Horror movies nowadays are made on running bands and usually lead to disaster, but luckily we can look back on cult classics or remakes that actually did well. In this post, we share 25 of the best horror movies ever made. 1. Scream (1996) The cult movie that revived the extinct slasher genre along with … Read more

Horror Movies and What Makes Good Horror

What to expect from a horror movie? Can you go in with the same expectations when watching a horror movie as when, for example, you sit down to watch a comedy? Yes, you can, since all films, regardless of genre, have a goal to awaken a physical response from the viewer, whether it is to … Read more

Why Do We Think Horror Movies are Scary?

11 Insanely Scary Movies to Watch

Horror movies have the ability to awaken very strong emotions. A really good horror film can make the viewer shudder, hold on tight to the cinema chair, and get a workout worthy of a marathon. Some also look an extra time over the shoulder before they extinguish the light long after the subtitles have rolled … Read more

Why We Love Horror Movies

11 Insanely Scary Movies to Watch

Why do we really expose ourselves to movies that cause the pulse to rise and sweat flow? Although horror movies are usually synonymous with fear, research shows that watching can bring us closer to our partner and be seen as a prestigious achievement. There is hardly anything cozier than crawling up on the sofa with … Read more