The World’s Best Movies According to IMDB

The World's Best Movies According to IMDB

IMDB is an Internet-based movie database that is actually the oldest and largest of its kind. The platform was founded by Col Needham in 1990 and the database contains approximately 3.5 million films, television series and other television programs. The focus is on English-language films, but foreign films are also included in the database. IMDB … Read more

Top 10 Superhero Movies

Top 10 Superhero Movies

Superhero movies have become very popular over the last decade. This even though it wasn’t too long ago that superhero movies were a type of movie that was usually bad. The reason why superhero movies have not been popular in the past is probably that it is only now that we have the technology required … Read more

Best Feel-Good Movies You Should Watch

10 Great Films Set in New York

Are you looking for movies that will leave you feeling good? Here are our top picks for feel-good movies. Intouchables Intouchables which is its original title in French, is about Driss – a guy who has just been released from prison and not unexpectedly gets an unexpected friendship back out in freedom. He finds it … Read more

8 Great Movies From 2019

A Guide to Movie Genres

Are you looking for some great modern movies to watch? In this post, we list 8 great movies released in 2019. Parasite The Kim family lives in a narrow basement apartment in South Korea. Through lies, false credentials and invented personal contacts, they manage to integrate themselves into a wealthy family and a power struggle … Read more